IIBN Keynote with Jerry Kennelly - An Entrepreneur by Design

As told by Maura Kelly, media and marketing executive and IIBN board member – serial technology entrepreneur, Jerry Kennelly is a game changer. As the founder and CEO of Tweak.com, he had a burning desire to make it easier for businesses to access great design and print. Speaking to the IIBN members at last month’s keynote event, hosted by the American Irish Historical Society, the Kerry native talked about life as an entrepreneur and what it really takes to build a global business.

Design and Build
As only fitting for a photojournalist and design company founder, it’s the images that get your attention when Jerry Kennelly talks about his journey. He starts with black and white visuals of innocent looking boys idling by a window; another shows a gaggle of boys sitting obediently in class while nuns hover over. “We were unassuming models – natural subjects for our father who, with our mother ran a photography business,” explains Kennelly. As the images turn to color, he fast forwards a few decades and we witness the subject become the photographer and see his photos on the cover of TIME and Newsweek magazine. By the 1990’s to the mid 2000’s, magazines and global companies are using images from Kennelly’s royalty free library, Stockbyte. Getty Images notices and in 2006 paid him $135 million for the company. Two years later Kennelly turns his eye to disrupting the world of design and print with Tweak.com. After many technical ups and downs, he built and launched an online platform to give small businesses access to Madison Avenue style design at a fair price. His clients range from a hairdresser in Germany to a lawyer in Brazil who can now design their own marketing materials. “Design for All” is a popular company motto. 

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