About IIBN

Connecting Irish entrepreneurs and business people globally


IIBN is a global, non-profit organization that brings together Irish business professionals to facilitate greater communication and connectivity around the world.

One of IIBN’s key aims is to establish IIBN Chapters in all major cities with strong Irish networks. We have explicitly established three main objectives:

  1. To network and to facilitate networking among members at local and global level
  2. To foster entrepreneurship and to nurture Irish entrepreneurs
  3. To mentor the next generation of Irish entrepreneurs

Headquartered in London, IIBN is comprised of one centralized organization, IIBN Global, and a number of local Chapters, currently including IIBN London, New York and Ireland.

IIBN Global is based in London and is governed by a Board of Trustees according to the IIBN Global Charter.

We offer:

  1. Free Member Network Evenings
    At IIBN we offer free network evenings where you can meet other members and develop business contacts in a social setting as well as business breakfasts and luncheons featuring political figures, entrepreneurs, motivational experts and other business leaders.
  2. Seminars and Training
    Focused seminars and briefings on key business topics such as the economic outlook, best HR practices, labour court decisions, health and safety and changes in accountancy rules Training and educational opportunities.
  3. Member Introductions
    By joining IIBN you will gain access to the network’s database of members and affiliates.

Our Sponsors


IIBN is thankful for its sponsors and works closely with them to make sure that both they and IIBN members receive the most out of the partnership. If you and or your company are interested in sponsoring IIBN, please contact info@iibn.com.


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